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Parkette Co-Owner, Randy Kaplan will be featured on the Rachael Ray Show on Monday, December 30, 2013, Lexington, Ky, WLEX, 11:00am.

The Parkette Drive-In was featured on the Food Network's, Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives on September 20, 2010.

Our Dining Rooms are back open at 50% capacity. We are still serving Curbside, as well as, Take-Out and To-Go Orders.

We also have Delivery Services through Door Dash, Grub Hub and Uber Eats.

Hope to see you soon!

Parkette Drive-in sees boost in business during pandemic

While many restaurants have struggled to stay afloat during the coronavirus pandemic, others aren't just surviving.

The Parkette is featured on "The 10 Wackiest Restaurants In Kentucky Where Dining Is A Blast"

Dining at The Parkette is another one of those quintessential Kentucky food experiences. It's nostalgic flair and uniqueness make for a fun atmosphere and the friendly staff and delicious food aren't bad either. Try the fried chicken or the hot brown burger and leave full and happy.

The Parkette is featured on "The 10 Wackiest Restaurants In Kentucky Where Dining Is A Blast"

Dining at The Parkette is another one of those quintessential Kentucky food experiences. It's nostalgic flair and uniqueness make for a fun atmosphere and the friendly staff and delicious food aren't bad either. Try the fried chicken or the hot brown burger and leave full and happy.

The Parkette made the list of "The 50 Best Drive-In Restaurants in the U.S.!"
PARKETTE GOES INTERNATIONAL (kind of)! The World Famous Parkette Drive-In Restaurant, in Lexington, has had the honor of being selected to participate in an award winning German TV Show called Job Swap.

The premise of the show is:

Two German employees of a "Classic Diner" in Germany will be coming to work at Parkette for 3 days. Also, Two Parkette employees will be going to Germany to work at the Classic Diner, there, for 3 days. The participants work and leisure activities will be filmed and aired on the "reality style" TV show.

We are welcoming the German participants at Parkette on 1/31/19 @12pm.

***Parkette Owner, Randy Kaplan's band: The X's (a rock/dance/80's/variety cover band) will be performing at Maria's Kitchen on Friday February 1. 2019 from 7pm-10pm to entertain our German guests. the event is: Open to the Public***

Parkette Drive-In Restaurant 1230 E. New Circle Road 859-254-8723

Maria's Kitchen 805 N Broadway, Lexington, KY 40508 (859) 309-9039
Charlie Wilson, Doug Day, Randy Kaplan - French Legion of Honor Awards Link
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These awesome, talented gentlemen came to visit us from Detroit. They were so inspired by their experience with us (Parkette Drive-In Restaurant - Lexington, KY), they wrote a song about it!

Congratulations! The Parkette Drive-In Restaurant has been nominated in USA Today's latest 10Best Readers' Choice travel award contest for 2016!

"Our expert panel selected The Parkette Drive-In Restaurant as a contender for Best Hot Brown in Kentucky, which just launched."

Our contest, which is being promoted by USA TODAY, gives voters four weeks to vote for the candidate of their choice at A person can vote once a day for the run of the contest.

Voting ends Monday, June 6th, 2016 at 11:59am EDT and the winners will be announced on 10Best on Friday, June 10th, 2016 at 12:00pm EDT, then later on USA TODAY. You can read the official rules here.

We are proud and honored to have been chosen the Kentucky Living: "Best In Kentucky", Best Non-Franchise Dive/Diner/Drive-In for 2016! Thank you!

Parkette wins an EMMY for our 2014 segment on the TV Show, The Local Traveler, featuring Amy Hess!

The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Ohio Valley Chapter 51st Annual Ohio Valley

Regional Emmy® Awards (2015) - Recipients

Nostalgia Program

The Local Traveler: Parkette Drive-In, Beloved Productions with Courage Media

Amy Hess

Our You Tube segment: Drive-In

The uber smart Big Blue Nation knows the best things in life are Bourbon, Horses, Hot Browns and Southern Lights
- Tena Moore 1/12/15
10 Things Only People From Lexington-Fayette Understand

The uber smart Big Blue Nation knows the best things in life are Bourbon, Horses, Hot Browns and Southern Lights
by Tena Moore 1/12/15

1. The Real Kentucky Fried Chicken Is At The Parkette

Source: Parkette Drive-In Restaurant via Facebook

Famous Fried Chicken. No matter what it's named, it's the best fried chicken in Kentucky. It doesn't matter if they are dining in or driving in, everyone here loves the Parkette. This old school drive-in diner has been around since 1951, serving up the best fried chicken, chili dogs, tater tots and double decker poor boys around. The fried chicken here used to be called 'Kentucky Fried Chicken', but now it's just Joe's original


Live with Lee at The Parkette Drive-In


Live with Lee Cruise #1
Live with Lee Cruise #2
Live with Lee Cruise #3

February 26, 2014


February 1, 2014

Rachael Ray Show
News Release:
Randy Kaplan from Parkette, featured on the Rachael Ray Show

Watch the Video from the show!

Parkette Co-Owner, Randy Kaplan will be featured on the Rachael Ray Show on Monday, December 30, 2013, Lexington, Ky, WLEX, 11:00am.

Iron Chef Bobby Flay, a regular co-host on the Rachael Ray Show, issued a Nationwide Burger Challenge for the best burger recipes, on Ms. Ray’s show.

Mr. Kaplan entered Parkette’s very own Kentucky Hot Brown Burger and was one of three finalists


Tidbits: Parkette Drive In's hot Brown burger takes on 'Rachael Ray Show' contest
By Sharon Thompson,
December 11, 2013

Iron Chef Bobby Flay and celebrity chef Rachael Ray recently issued a Nationwide Burger Challenge, and Parkette Drive In co-owner Randy Kaplan stepped up to put his best burger on the line.

Kaplan entered Parkette's Kentucky hot Brown burger in the competition and was chosen one of three finalists. He will appear on The Rachael Ray Show on Dec. 30.

Read more here:

The VIDEO from the Food Network's, Diner's, Drive-In's & Dives, hosted by Guy Fieri:

The VIDEO from "Secrets of Bluegrass Chefs" host, Tim Laird, takes you behind the scenes at Lexington's famous and historic Parkette Drive-in. Aired Nov. 17th, 2013:

Parkette opens new 90-seat expansion
Lexington Herald-Leader - By Cheryl Truman —
"Parkette Garage Dining Room" UPDATE 9/14/2013

The Parkette's dine-in garage opened for business on Friday, providing seating for up to 90 people behind its main restaurant building at 1230 East New Circle Road in Lexington.

Read more here:


Parkette Drive-In expanding dining area

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Some changes are on the menu for an iconic Lexington restaurant.

The owners of Parkette Drive-In, on New Circle Road, say they're expanding the dining area of the restaurant.

They're adding 90 seats for people who would rather dine-in, instead of eat in their cars.

"When we first opened in 2009, we redesigned the dining room to make it a full service retro 50s concept, and we had no idea how popular it was going to be," Parkette Co-Owner Randy Kaplan said. "It's so popular, we're having to turn folks away, so we're going to solve that problem."

The owners say the expanded dining room will have a retro 50s garage theme.

We're told it should be finished by July 4.

30 YEARS!!!
Parkette Manager, Joyce Golden, is celebrating 30 YEARS with the Parkette Drive-In Restaurant.

Joyce was hired by Parkette founder, Joe Smiley, on March 6, 1983.

In celebration, we are offering .30, 16oz PEPSI products ALL WEEK from March 4 - 9 AND .30 FRIES on Saturday March 9, 2013.

March 9th was the official day of re-opening under the new ownership of Jeff and Randy Kaplan.
Thanks, Randy

Lexington Herald-Leader, Sunday October 14, 2012
From typewriters to pie, city has a varied cultural identity
By Cheryl Truman —
UnCommonwealth: 50 things that define Lexington

10. The Parkette Drive-In sign and the Burger Shake sign, both on New Circle Road.
That (Parkette) carhop has been leaning forward for six decades.

UNCOMMONWEALTH-50 Link to the article:
YouTube Video called: Ridin with James (at the Parkette)
Parkette friend Byron Dawson made a YouTube Video called: Ridin with James Dean. The video features Parkette and of course his famous "James Dean".
The Parkette is turning 60!
The Parkette Drive-In Restaurant is celebrating our 60th year Anniversary on November 11, 2011.

We want to thank Lexington for all the years of support.
Thanks, Randy

Twenty-seventh/Council Recess Edition - Gem in the District - page 4/5
Parkette Drive-In Lends a Touch Of Nostalgic Charm to the 5th District
Posted on Thursday, Jul. 14, 2011 - From the LEXGO Eat -
Restaurant review: Parkette Drive-In is totally retro
By Wendy Miller

The Parkette's sign towers above many other structures on East New Circle Road. Erected in the late 1950s, it stood for a quintessentially American dining spot: the drive-in, a place where you could eat in your car, your real "home away from home." You could be alone or with family or friends, yet enveloped, just far enough from other diners while remaining part of a collective.

In 2008, the Kaplan brothers — two smart transplants who cared enough about their adopted city's unique character to rescue the closed Parkette — began restoring the place. The work has been successful — so much so that last year, it put our fair city on the Food Network's map when Guy Fieri featured it (and a few other local eateries) on his show Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.

On any given day, the parking lot is packed with trucks and compact cars, SUVs and hybrids. It is a democratic cross-section of drivers, one that seems to reflect everyone circa now.

From the Chevy Chaser Magazine - August 2010
Resurrecting History Was An Unexpected Family Affair

Brothers celebrate more than a year of operating Parkette Drive-In!

To:   Subject: Parkette article
Hi Randy,
I just wanted to let you know I wrote an article with pictures of The Parkette that is in today's edition of the online news site The article can be read at
I also wrote a positive review for an online review site.

My husband and I visited a couple of weeks ago and were thrilled to see The Parkette sign lit and the restaurant open. We don't get to Lexington very often so it was a pleasant surprise.
Sandee Lloyd

Ladies and Gentlemen, Lexington's very own, The Bats....
Lexington's Bats visit local vintage locations for some cognitively-challenged, boa-adorned, ornamental concrete-intense fun!
If you text: park 1 to 41513
at The PARKETTE (up to an $8 value)

If you're not an instant winner, you will receive a text coupon for a:
Buy 1 Meal and 2 Drinks and Receive a Free Meal (up to an $8 value), if you Return to Parkette within the next 7 days.

Parkette's chicken fried in lard appeals to Food Network star

By Sharon Thompson

It was the lard that grabbed the heart of Food Network star Guy Fieri on Tuesday.

Fieri, star of Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, came to the Parkette Drive-In on Lexington's New Circle Road to fry chicken and make a Poor Boy — and to tell America the best fried chicken is cooked in lard.

"He was just loving that lard," Parkette co-owner Randy Kaplan said. "We stay authentic to Joe Smiley's original recipe, and we have a designated fryer just for that. We hand-cut the chicken, make the batter fresh daily, hand-roll the chicken, drop and fry. He loved that."

The restored counter at Lexington's Parkette Drive-In.

- When Food Network star Guy Fieri, center, visited the Parkette Drive-in on Tuesday to tape Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, he was greeted by fans including Jayne Wescott, left, Jennifer Bassett, Brittany Wescott and Tamara Conner.

It took about five hours for Kaplan and Fieri to fry chicken, make Poor Boys and concoct Parkette's hot dog chili.

While in Lexington, Fieri also visited J.J. McBrewster's on Clays Mill Road.

The Food Network contacted the Parkette's Kaplan about appearing on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives about three months ago.

Last week, a production crew came to get preliminary shots of the food. That turned out to be such a hectic day that Kaplan and his brother Jeff decided to close the restaurant to the public until 4 p.m. Tuesday, the day Fieri would arrive.

The film crew showed up before daylight Tuesday to set up lights and shoot more food pictures. Fieri arrived about 1 p.m., and the only customers allowed to participate were those who had e-mailed the show touting the wonders of the Parkette.

"The show had actually saved all the e-mails from people asking him (Fieri) to come to Parkette," Kaplan said. "They were invited guests, and it was just awesome. I can't thank people enough for supporting Parkette and going out and being vocal about what we mean to the city. The folks were here about four hours, just sitting."

It will be about four to eight months before Central Kentucky — and all of America — gets to see Fieri and Kaplan fry chicken the same way Smiley did 58 years ago.

Before Fieri stopped at Parkette, he was at J.J. McBrewster's.

"They featured our barbecue and the fact that we have authentic Western Kentucky barbecued goat, pork and mutton," owner Susan Mirkhan said. "A crew was here Friday, and they did an overview of everything we offer, and yesterday was the Guy day."

Fieri focused on the restaurant's Western Kentucky sauce, which has been in Mirkhan's family for 75 years.

Reach Sharon Thompson at (859) 231-3321 or 1-800-950-6397, Ext. 3321.

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The Parkette, Lexington, KY - From the Website

Enjoy a Poor Boy at Lexington's Favorite Drive-In Restaurant

By Fiona Young-Brown
Destinations » Lexington » The Parkette, Lexington, KY

The restored counter at Lexington's Parkette Drive-In.

The restored counter at Lexington's Parkette Drive-In.

Photo courtesy Jeff and Randy Kaplan

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